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The value of this property must be either blank or one of the built-in custom tools.

NET web application, there does not seem to be a way to either generate or update the .files that bridge the markup with the code behind.

Re-reading some of the original comments to see if I'm forgetting anything you mentioned a debugging session on the original report, but it's not in the steps to reproduce.

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Unfortunately even with importing your old settings I'm still unable to reproduce the issue.The sub class code is also still in the original Form Page so it is repeated twice, so to fix this you only have to delete it in the designer.Not a big issue considering how much time this saves us but I thought you might like to know.Splitting is accomplished by moving regions, fields and methods from the original Form1(or .cs) to the new Form1. Moved blocks can be even left commented in the original file (see picture below).So all of the designer generated code is in the second sub class.

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