Erin andrews dating

She has been married to Jarret Stoll since June 24, 2017.

And just like you now see more Sham Wow commercials after the guy beats up a hooker, I’m sure this leaked naked hot sexy video of Erin Andrews will only help her (sigh), career. Hell, it feels really good to say: I am the one who shot the video of ESPN’s Erin Andrews naked in a hotel room. However, my imaginary lawyer has advised me to not admit to filming it. We were blessed from above by the Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sex tapes, and since then, nothing. One exception to this sex tape drought is the rumored *gag* sex *gag* tape *gag* of *gag* John *gag* Edwards. Normally, people end their Erin Andrews article by saying they don’t know where to find the peephole video.

Andrews also served as a sideline reporter for college football and basketball games.

Andrews has also won two Sports Emmy Awards in her career.

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