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Every product has it pitfalls and for many wands, this is it!If a cord is a problem, make sure you read the description carefully- some manufacturers are a little deceptive that their wands aren't wireless! but new manufacturers were smart and copied the size of the wand's head.Your wet, quivering mouth will feel unexpected and arousing.Turn it down low, and wrap it in your panties to lessen the sensation.Turn it up full throttle (the shaft of a guy's penis isn't so sensitive, so he can handle it).Then move it up one side of his package and down the other.

Talk about taking sexting up a notch the next time one of you is on a business trip.

This way, attachments made for the Magic Wand also fit their wands.

Here's a little chart to help you figure out which wands have attachments that match the original Hitachi: Other sized wands also have attachments.

Our phones are loaded with apps that let us do just about anything.

We can track when we’re ovulating, turn our photos into works of art, and entertain ourselves with half a dozen games.

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