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"I'm afraid I don't know, depends what sentence he'll be given when he goes to court" he told me, at that moment I felt tears leak from my eyes as I thought of the worst punishments Aladdin could be pushed into. ah if my parents find out about this I'm dead" she sighed, "ha you'll be lucky to live til home time cos I swear I'll do you in!

"I'm sorry miss, but it's out of my hands of what's next for him," the officer said as he pulled the car over at the kerb next to the school. ." Mr Jafar rolled his eyes then shoved me out of the staff room, I rush over to the cafeiteria to tell my friends everything if enough people kick up a fuss they'll have to let Aladdin go! " Yoa barked not that was much of a suprise as he barks at everything like a dog. Because if you want the newbie you'll have to go through me" Phoebus glared at Yoa as he stood himself back up in a way of trying to look imtimadating. I'm aware I haven't known you for very long but there's nothing that I have seen of you that makes you the kind to of caused something like this?

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Walt Disney High Chapter 6(Jasmine)How could Jafar be so stupid!

"Ah Jasmine, I see you have been trying to skip school today. " Mr Jafar smirked from behind his mug, "what have you done to Aladdin? "Reported him to the police of course, he has been taken advantage of Mr Mouse's softness, bloody street rat" Mr Jafar shrugged as if this wasn't anything important. " Cinderella asked looking confused "we all hate Mr Jafar but what has that got to do with anything?

Back to Animals Police dogs are dogs that help the police to solve crimes.

As a practicing MMA artist, i can instantly pick out someone who is not used to handing the weapon they draw against me while sparring.

They hold it gingerly, as if it will turn around and cut them on a whim, and they do not trust the weapon at all.

I screamed in my head as I was driven to school in one of the cop's cars, as if Aladdin hasn't already been through enough in his life with so little money and no real home to live in. " I stared up at the driver in front of me, "yes miss Agrabah?

" he replied glancing at me from the mirror hanging in the middle of the wind screen. The boy I was with," I really hope there will be a way to set him free he doesn't deserve this.

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